TIPA pre-1980


University of Texas-El Paso, El Paso


Howard Payne University, Brownwood, April 8


Angelo State University, San Angelo


Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, April 10


Amarillo College, Amarillo, April 12


Lamar University, Beaumont, April 19


Tarrant County Junior College-Northeast, Fort Worth


Pan American University, Edinburg


University of Texas-Arlington, Arlington


University of Texas-El Paso, El Paso


Southwest Texas College, San Antonio, April 26

  • Garner Roberts – 2nd, Sports Feature, “Ronnie Hearne”
  • Garner Roberts,
  • Garner Roberts,
  • Raymond Blasingame and Milton Taylor – 2nd, Picture Story, “Oklahoma picture page”
  • Tom Farr – 1st, Poetry

Attendees: Twilla Duncan, David Himes, Virginia Hughes, Jud Thurman, Dr. B.E. Davis.


Texas Southern University, Houston, April 15

  • Garner Roberts – 1st, Sports
  • Garner Roberts – 2nd, Sports
  • Garner Roberts – 3rd, Sports
  • Geof Moore – 1st, Editorial Writing
  • Joe Simmons – 1st, Picture Story
  • Milt Anglin – 2nd, Column Writing, “The Right Angle”


Odessa Junior College, Odessa, April 30, 1966

  • The Optimist – 1st, Newspaper (First Division)
  • Lola Sue Batts – 1st, Feature Writing, “House of the Carpenter”
  • Prickly Pear – 2nd, Yearbook (First Division)
  • Glo Coalson – 3rd, Editorial Cartoons, “Social Club Memberships”
  • Garner Roberts – 3rd, Sports News Writing, “Good Game (If You Are a Cowboy)”
  • Jim Ridgeway – 3rd, News Photo, “Tug-of-War at Rivalry Day”
  • Lola Sue Batts – 3rd, Editorial, “Tickets Mean Graft in S.A.”


Texas A&I College, Kingsville


Texas Wesleyan College, Fort Worth


Sul Ross State College, Alpine


Southwest Texas State College, San Marcos, April 29, 1962

  • Bob Anderson – 1st, One-Act Play, “Merry Vagabond”
  • The Optimist – 2nd, Newspaper (First Division)
  • Prickly Pear – 2nd, Yearbook (First Division)
  • Jimmy Parsons – 3rd, Sports Feature (feature on Lamoine Lewis)
  • Linda Berry – 3rd, Essay, “Passion for Mediocrity”
  • Linda Berry – 3rd, Poem, “The Wake of Man”
  • John Sweet – 3rd, Short Story, “The Grandfather”
  • James Batts, HM, General Column

Attendees: Donna Gudeen, Janelle Campbell, Lynda Bell, James Foster, David Spradlin and Charlie Smith.


West Texas State Teachers College, Canyon, April 22, 1961

  • The Optimist – 1st, Newspaper
  • Royce Caldwell – 1st, Sports News
  • Don Haymes – 2nd, Essay
  • Don Haymes – 3rd, Feature Story
  • James Batts – 3rd, Sports Feature Story
  • James Batts – 3rd, Sports News
  • Harold Straughn – 3rd, Short Story
  • Howard Mohr – 3rd, One-Act Play

Attendees: Harold Straughn, James Batts, Howard Mohr, Carolyn Cunningham and Heber Taylor.


Texas Western University, El Paso, April 2, 1960

  • Prickly Pear – 1st, Yearbooks
  • Bob Stewart – 1st, One-Act Play, “Fate Is My Brother”
  • “Gordon Campbell” (a pseudonym of several students), 2nd, General Column, “Through the Needle’s Eye”
  • Bob Armistead – 2nd, Feature Story, Feature on James Culp
  • Frances Marbury – 2nd, Poetry
  • Dudley Lynch – 3rd, Sports Column, “On the Bench with Lynch”

Attendees: Harold Straughn, Dudley Lynch, Jerry Hayes, David Purcell, Bob Stewart and adviser Heber Taylor.


Sam Houston State Teachers College, Huntsville, April 25, 1959

  • Mickey Ligon – 1st, Cartoons
  • Sports Staff – 1st, Sports News Story
  • Marilyn Malney – 1st, Short Story
  • Dorothy Goodwin – 1st, Poem
  • David Dallas – 2nd, Sports Photography
  • Dennis Renner – 2nd, Feature Story
  • Harold Straughn, Sports Feature


East Texas State College, Commerce, April 26, 1958

  • Coy Roper – 1st, One-Act Play
  • David Dallas – 2nd, Photo News
  • Alice Ann Mann – 3rd, News Story
  • David Treat – 3rd, Sports Column
  • David Treat – 3rd, Sports Feature Story
  • Prickly Pear – 3rd, Yearbook (First Division)


Odessa College, Odessa, April 28, 1957

  • Buddy Beck – 1st, Sports Column, “Sports Scene” on “false claims of track experts,” the ACC-Texas sprint rivalry, and the departure of North Texas from the Gulf Coast Conference
  • Mac Bedichek – 1st, Editorial Writing, “Council Hedges”
  • Elizabeth Ross – 3rd, Poetry
  • The Optimist – 4th, Newspaper


San Angelo College, San Angelo, April 14, 1956

  • The Optimist – 1st, Newspaper (First Division)
  • Tex Heathcock – 1st, Sports Feature on Dee Nutt
  • Bob Johnson – 1st, Feature on Billy White
  • Del Nett – 1st, Poetry
  • Sandra Thomson and Alice Ann Mann – 2nd, Advertising
  • Dick Shelton – 3rd, General Column Writing, “The Liter Side”

Attendees: Elizabeth Ross, Mary Odle, Lillian Quattlebaum, Alice Ann Mann, J.W. Campbell, Bob Johnson, Jerrel Rowden, Steve Hillier, Don Gage, Ed Mullins and Heber Taylor.


Abilene Christian College, Abilene, April 22, 1955, at the Wooten Hotel

  • Dick Shelton – 1st, General Column, “The Liter Side”
  • Bob “Lambo” Lambert, Sports Column, “Athletes’ Footnotes”
  • Bob Lambert – 1st, Feature on athlete Tommy Morris (son of Don H. Morris)
  • Rex Vermillion – 2nd, News Photo
  • Rex Vermillion – 2nd, Newspaper Ad
  • Prickly Pear – 3rd, Yearbook (First Division)


Mexico City College, Mexico City College, April 25

Elected for coming year: Lane Cubstead, president, J.W. Campbell, vice president; Mary Odle, corresponding secretary; Peggy Marler, treasurer, Charlie Marler, contest director.


Midwestern University, Wichita Falls, April 25


Stephen F. Austin University, Nacogoches


Sul Ross College, Alpine, April 29, 1951

  • Prickly Pear – 1st, Yearbook
  • Pat McMahan – 1st, Advertising Layout
  • Joyce Frashier – 2nd, Poem
  • Allen McDaniel – 2nd, One-Act Play
  • The Optimist – 3rd, Newspaper
  • Keith Barnhart – 3rd, Composition Photography
  • Jim Wilburn – 4th, Sports Story
  • Ed Broadus – 4th, Editorial

Attendees: Heber Taylor, Jean Taylor, Dot Brown, Harvie Pruitt, Ed Broadus, Gary Moore, Rita Walker, Bill Hart, Billie Ruth Willis, Dee Pigg, Donna Huffman and Jimmy Jackson.


North Texas State College, Denton, April 30, 1950

  • Prickly Pear – 3rd, Yearbook (First Division)
  • Fred McClung – 4th, Column, “Informal Informer”
  • Harvie Pruitt – 3rd, One-Act Play, “The Night Before”

Attendees: Margaret Phillips, Barbara Allen, Mary Draper, Anne Howard, Billie Pigg, Joye Deavenport, Janna Collines, Harvie Pruitt, Robbie Robinson, Ed Broadus, Heber Taylor, Wendell Bedichek. Harvie Pruitt elected contest director.


The College of the Mines and Metallurgy, El Paso, April 29, 1949

  • Kenneth Overton – 1st, News Story
  • Don Liles – 3rd, Poetry Writing
  • Kenneth Overton – 4th, Feature Story

Attendees: Kenneth Overton, Harvie Pruitt, Anne Howard, David Sprague, Bettye Elrod, Bob Bond, Robbie Robinson, Fred McClung and Lucille Bri


McMurry College, Abilene, April 30, 1948

  • A.C. Greene – 1st, Essay, “Strike Up the Band”
  • The Optimist – 2nd, Newspaper (Class B division)
  • Willard Reel – 4th, Poem, “Sculptor”

Attendees: Morris George, Bettye Elrod, Eugenia Scott, Joe Yowell, Robbie Robinson, Loyce Weathers and Birdie Brockman.


Sul Ross State Teachers College, Alpine

No participation.


Convention cancelled because of World War II.


Sam Houston State Teachers College, Huntsville

No participation.


The College of the Mines and Metallurgy, El Paso

No participation.


Southwest Texas State Teachers College, San Marcos, April 26-27, 1940

  • Leon Henthorn – 1st, Feature Story
  • June Sellen – 3rd, Feature Column
  • Loyd Bixler – 3rd, Photography

Attendees: Ben Bailey, Leon Henthorn and Charles “Squire” Williams

Local Journalists Attending State Meet

In San Marcos today and tomorrow are Leon Henthorn, editor of The Optimist; Ben Bailey, associate editor; Squire Williams of the Prickly Pear to attend the annual Texas Intercollegiate Press Association. Also making the trip as unofficial delegate is Gaston Cogdell, business manager of The Optimist.

The group will spend the two days attending lectures and round-table discussions on journalism and advertising.

The climax of the conclave will come tomorrow night when winners in the annual state-wide writing contest will be announced. ACC is entered in twelve divisions at the literary tournament.

The delegates will return to ACC Sunday.

From the Optimist, Vol. 27, No. 27, Friday, April 26, 1940


Texas Wesleyan College, Fort Worth


Texas College of Agriculture and Industries, Kingsville


East Texas State Teachers College, Commerce


Sui Ross State Teachers College, Alpine


Sam Houston State Teachers College, Huntsville


Abilene Christian College, Abilene


Texas College of Agriculture and Industries, Kingsville


North Texas State Teachers College, Denton


Texas Woman’s College (originally scheduled/canceled)

Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College, Nacogdoches


Sam Houston State Teachers College, Huntsville


Abilene Christian College, Simmons College, McMurry College, Abilene


West Texas State Teachers College, Canyon


Trinity University, Waxahachie


Howard Payne College, Brownwood


College of Industrial Arts, Denton


Southern Methodist University (SMU), Dallas, April 12-13, 1924.

  • The Prickly Pear – 3rd (tie), yearbook
  • Raymond Symcox – 3rd (tie), short story, “Human Courage”


Baylor Woman’s College, Belton, April 12-13

  • Optimist – 3rd, Newspaper
  • Wendell Bedichek – 2nd (tie), editorial, “Lines-Groups”

Attendees: Louise Jones, Margaret Bishop and Wendell Bedichek


Baylor University, Waco

  • HM in poem and Short story
  • Optimist – 4th, overall excellence

Attendees: Willie Pritchett and Herbert Sikes


Texas Woman’s College, Fort Worth

  • Margaret Sanford – 1st, Poem, “Not as I Will” (Apparently a poem by Helen Fiske Jackson)
  • Margaret Bellah, 3rd, Humorous Story, “The Blue Platter”

Attendee: Paul Witt


Simmons College, Abilene

ACC admitted to the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association.


College of Industrial Arts, Denton


Baylor University, Waco


Texas Christian University (TCU), Fort Worth


Simmons College, Abilene


North Texas State Normal, Denton


Trinity University, Waxahachie


College of Industrial Arts, Denton


Southwestern University, Georgetown


Daniel Baker College, Brownwood


Baylor University, Waco


Baylor University, Waco

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