TIPA 2011

Annual Convention of the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association
March 31 – April 2, 2011 – Fort Worth, Texas

Live On-Site Contests

  • Brandon Tripp – 1st Place, Print Sportswriting
  • Laura Acuff – 1st Place, Feature Writing
  • Amanda McVey – 1st Place, PR Crisis Management
  • Mark Smith – 1st Place, Radio Advertising
  • Jeff Craig – 2nd Place, Headline Writing
  • Jozie Sands – 2nd Place, Magazine Design
  • Mark Smith – 2nd Place, TV Sportswriting
  • Brandon Tripp – 2nd Place, TV Announcing
  • Bryson Shake – 2nd Place, Radio Sportswriting
  • Blane Singletary – 3rd Place, News Video
  • Daniel Gomez – HM, Sports Photo
  • Linda Bailey – HM, Print Newswriting
  • Laura Acuff – HM, Editorial Writing
  • Linda Bailey – HM, Copy Editing
  • Christina Burch – HM, TV Newswriting
  • Blane Singletary – HM, Radio Announcing

Pre-Submitted Contests (2010 content)

  • Radio Categories
    • KACU – 1st Place, Sweepstakes
    • Jacquie Harbourt, Caleb Robinson and Matthew Woodrow – 1st Place, Overall Newscast, News at Noon
    • Blane Singletary – 1st Place, Documentary, Perry Dedication
    • Jacquie Harbour – 1st Place, Feature Story, Dixon
    • Blane Singletary and Meagan Hernandez – 2nd Place, Production, Eye on Entertainment
    • Meagan Hernandez – HM, Spot News, Airport
    • Caleb Robinson – HM, Spot, PSA, Promo, Car Talk
  • TV Categories
  • Newspaper Categories
    • Linda Bailey – 1st Place, Information Graphic, Republican Sweep
    • Kelsi Williamson – 1st Place, Headline, “Dens of Antiquities”
    • Kelsi Williamson – 1st Place, Single Subject Pres., From the Ground Up
    • Kelsi Williamson – 1st Place, Feature Page Design, Illustrator Extra…, Comments: Very creative design work.
    • Chelsea Hackney – 2nd Place, General Column, Emotional response
    • Hannah Barnes – 2nd Place, Single Subject Pres., Slow Growing
    • Chelsea Hackney – 3rd Place, Editorial, SA legitimacy hinges, Comments: Strong evocative writing that made one care about the issues. Well reasoned arguments, clearly defined opinions and unequivocal calls to action.
    • Matthew Woodrow – 3rd Place, Editorial Page Design, NYC Mosque …, Comments: Some of the entries could have benefitted from an extra proofreading before entry. I preferred pages that had varying column shapes and sizes rather than, for example, two or three equal-sized opinion columns running side-by-side down the page. That format works with “pro and con” debate packages but not necessarily with differing content.
    • Brandon Tripp – 3rd Place, Sports Feature Story, Sight for Sore Eyes
    • Heather Leiphart – 3rd Place, Sports Feature Photo, Tony Washington, Comments: Some very good examples of the variety of emotions that come with sports fans, participants and related activities.
    • Colter Hettich – HM, Page 1 Design, Saved by the Snow, Comments: The Snow entry was an example of clean, clear design that cold be used to tell the stories of both normal days and unusual ones.
    • Colter Hettich – HM, Headline, “Snow Day-jà vu”
    • Jozie Sands – HM, Picture Story, Swing, Baby
    • Jeff Craig – HM, Sports Page Design, The Gridiron
  • Online Categories
    • Optimist Staff – 1st Place, Best Online Community Engagement

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