TIPA 2012

TIPA 2012
Front: Faculty adviser Kenneth Pybus, Marissa Jones, Jozie Sands and Samantha Sutherland. Back: Edward Isaacs, Mark Smith, Blane Singletary, Austin Gwin, Taylor Langston, Mandy Lambright, Natalie Goin, Hannah Barnes and visuals adviser Cade White.

Annual Convention of the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association

March 29–31, 2012 – Corpus Christi, Texas

Live On-Site Contests

  • Mark Smith – 1st, Radio Sports Writing
  • Austin Gwin – 1st, TV Sports Writing
  • Blane Singletary – 1st, Radio Announcing
  • Natalie Goin – 2nd, TV News Writing
  • Hannah Barnes – 2nd, Print Advertising
  • Jozie Sands – 2nd, Magazine Design
  • Edward Isaacs – 3rd, Radio News Writing
  • Mark Smith – HM, Print News Writing
  • Taylor Langston – HM, Video News

Pre-Submitted Contests (2011 content)

TV Categories

  • ACU Television – Sweepstakes
  • Farron Salley – 1st, News Non-Feature Story – ACU bus wrecks
  • Farron Salley, Christina Burch, David Singer – 1st, Best Overall Newscast – Oct. 6 Newscast
  • Kristin Goodspeed, Taylor Langston, Austin Gwin, Marcus Bowen – HM – Sportscast Oct. 8
  • Taylor Langston – 2nd, Sports Feature – Blackwater Draw
  • Caitlin Bradford – 2nd, News Feature Story – Leah Green Thumb
  • Farron Salley – 3rd, Audition Tape
    • Comments: Difficult story because is hits so close home. But you handled it like a pro. Well done.
  • Austin Gwin, Kristin Goodspeed – 3rd, Sports Non-Feature Story – ACU vs UWO
    • Comments: Interesting story. This is a great example of “everyone” has a story to tell.

Radio Categories

  • Zane Goggans – HM – Sportscast
  • Zane Goggans – 1st, Single Pubic Affairs Program – State of the City
    • Judges Comments: Interesting program. Good organization. Good job.
  • Matthew Woodrow – 2nd, Feature Story – Going Green
  • Blane Singletary – 1st Place – Production – Eye on Entainment
  • Farron Salley – 1st Place – Documentary – Black History Month
    • Judges Comments: Excellent voice, we developed program, strong presentation.
  • ACU News at Noon – 1st Place – Overall Best Newscast
    • Judges Comments: Very solid presentation. Professional sound.

Newspaper Categories

  • Ben Miller – 2nd Place – Editorial Cartoon – Google
    • Judges Comments: Very nicely done. Simple, but clearly very well thought out. Message comes through loudly, clearly.
  • Daniel J. Gomez – 3rd Place – Sports Feature Photo – Volleyball
    • Judges Comments: Great moment, captures the feeling well.
  • Linda Bailey, Jozie Sands – HM – Headline – Snow-verloaded
  • Christianna Lewis – HM – Feature Story – College bound
  • Daniel Gomez – 2nd Place – Sports Action Photo – Football
  • Hannah Barnes – 3rd Place – Illustration – Memories of 9/11
  • Jozie Sands – HM – General Column – Flags, as nations
  • Samantha Sutherland – HM – Feature Page Design – Coop wars
  • Daniel Gomez – HM – News Photo – ACU bus accident
    • Judges Comments: Good spot news photo of a tragic news story.
  • Austin Gwin, Daniel Gomez – 3rd Place – Sports News Story – Four score
  • Jozie Sands – HM – Op/Ed Page Design – Occupying
  • Jozie Sands – 1st Place – Editorial – Campus community
    • Judges Comments: A well-written and thought out editorial. Extremely moving.
  • Hannah Barnes, Julie Coppedge – HM – Picture Story – Boots, chaps, cowboy hats
    • Judges Comments: It seems like this event had loads of potential for photography, but wasn’t fully realized. There’s humor in the steer pulling photo, and a nice sense of speed and action in the goat chasing shot. The detail shot of the boos was a poor choice for a lede. Other action shots and even the detail should have been shot or cropped closer to the subject. A pleasing design and headline treatment helped the look of the page, although the judges thought that on a picture page with no story, the headline should better reflect the content of the photos. There are no chaps and only one small cowboy hat visible in any of the photos. The words implore you to look for something that’s not there.

Online Categories

  • Samantha Sutherland – 1st Place – Best Use of Mapping – Christmas Lights
  • Optimist Staff – 2nd Place – Best Blog – Food Blog
  • Daniel Gomez, Hannah Barnes, Blane Singletary, Phillip Miranda, Melany Cox – 1st Place – Best Breaking News Package – ACU bus accident
  • Daniel Gomez, Mandy Lambright, Farron Salley, Melany Cox – HM – Best Breaking News Package – Brush fire
  • acuoptimist.com – 3rd Place – Best Website Navigation
    • Comments: We really liked how in-depth but easy it was to navigate but wished sports, features and arts and culture were played as prominently on the page as are news and opinion. Great use of multimedia, links and photo galleries. The Christmas lights map need to go – it’s February.

Literary Magazine Categories

  • Katie Stumbo – HM – Illustration – Ryhthm
  • Marshall Fox – 1st Place – Short Story – Infinite Spaces
  • Bethany Bradshaw – 2nd Place – Poem – Independence
  • The Shinnery Review – HM – Cover Ddesign
  • The Shinnery Review – 2nd Place – Overall Excellence

Other Awards

  • Kenneth Pybus – Adviser of the Year

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