TIPA 2013

Front: Edward Issacs, Mandy Lambright, Natalie Goin, Melany Cox and Asia Todd. Back: Kenneth Pybus, Madeline Orr, Julie Coppedge, Cheryl Bacon, Brittany Jackson, Mark Smith and Cade White.

Annual Convention of the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association

April 4-6, 2013 – Fort Worth

Live On-Site Contests

  • Mark Smith – 1st, Newspaper Design
  • Julie Coppedge – 1st, PR Release Writing
  • Arielle Moncure – 2nd, Radio Advertising
  • Taylor Edwards – 2nd, Print Advertising
  • Madeline Orr – 2nd, Editorial Cartoon
  • Taylor Langston – 3rd, TV Announcing
  • Mandy Lambright & Curtis Christian – Honorable Mention, 2-person Photo Essay
  • Asia Todd – Honorable Mention, Magazine Design
  • Asia Todd – Honorable Mention, Yearbook Design

Pre-Submitted Contests (2012 content)

Newspaper Categories (Division 1)

  • The Optimist – 1st, Overall Excellence
  • Hannah Barnes – 1st, Single Subject Presentation Design, “Acts”
    • COMMENTS: Unusual but very creative and well designed.
  • Asia Todd – 1st, Illustration (non-photo), “Unconventional Church”
    • COMMENTS: This lovely watercolor illustration offers a subtle but powerful message. This wooden hut in Laos serves as a church, but the small red cross on one of the vertical poles is the only clue.
  • Curtis Christian – 1st, Picture Story, “Cattle”
    • COMMENTS: Great collection of action shots and moments.
  • Mandy Lambright – Honorable Mention, Picture Story, Welcome Week”
  • Jozie Sands – 2nd, Opinion/Editorial Page Design
  • Mandy Lambright – 2nd, Sports Action Photo, “McMurry”
    • COMMENTS: Excellent shot shows that this is a game of inches.
  • Ben Miller – 2nd, Editorial Cartoon, “Budget Cuts”
  • Mark Smith – 2nd, Page One Design, “Grand Opening”
    • COMMENTS: Inviting photo with nice use of type. Great entry points with label heads.
  • Hannah Barnes – 3rd, Headline Writing, “Dance, Dance Resolution”
  • Edward Isaacs – 3rd, Sports Page Design, “NFL”
    • COMMENTS: A lot of creative eyes working on these pages. Good use of visuals and dominant elements. Smooth flow.
  • Samantha Sutherland – 3rd, Feature Page Design, “Ink”
  • Samantha Sutherland – Honorable Mention, Feature Page Design, “Mind”
    • COMMENTS: Great use of art and visuals. Airy, clean, attractive and easy on the eyes.
  • Matthew Sloan – Honorable Mention, Sports Column, “Kentucky Overpowered”
  • Samantha Sutherland – Honorable Mention, Feature Story, “Blane”
  • Natalie Goin – Honorable Mention, Sports News Story, “D-1 Decision”
  • Mandy Lambright – Honorable Mention, Sports Feature Photo, “Cats Upset”
  • Austin Gwin – Honorable Mention, Sports Feature Story, “Collums”
    • COMMENTS: Human element is strong in these winners. Also good information, some more detailed than others. Writing is solid, good organization, good continuity.
  • Hannah Barnes – Honorable Mention, Information Graphic, “Money”
    • COMMENTS: Some very good work. This variety of winners illustrates the range of creativity of the contestants.
  • Mandy Lambright – Honorable Mention, Feature Photo, “Kai-O’s”

Radio Categories

  • Sweepstakes – KACU-FM
  • Blane Singlegary, Julie Coppedge, Zane Goggans, Walter Walker – 1st, Overall Excellence, “News at Noon”
  • Blane Singletary – 1st, Production, “Soundscapes”
  • Meagan Freeman – 1st, Single Public Affairs, “Water Contest”
  • Blane Singletary – 1st (tie), Spot Commercial/PSA/Promo, “Mariott”
  • Marcus Bowen – 1st, Spot News, “Gov. Perry”
  • Brady Cox – 2nd, Feature Story, “Airline Merger”
  • Blane Singletary – 3rd, Documentary, “Sally Wolfson”
  • Marcus Bowen – Honorable Mention, Spot News, “Rainfall”

Online Categories

  • Taylor Langston, Mandy Lambright, Paige Otway – 1st, General Web Site Excellence, Division 2
  • Lucius Patenaude – 1st, Best Video, “Tackle Sheep
  • JMC Network Staff – 1st, Best Blog, “Voices from the Hill
  • Mark Smith – 2nd, Best Breaking News, “State Fair
  • JMC Network Staff – 2nd, Best Interactivity, ACU Optimist Online
  • Mark Smith, Taylor Langston, Mandy Lambright, Brance Armstrong, Will Rogers – Honorable Mention, Best Breaking News, “Southland Conference

Television Categories

  • Taylor Langston – 1st, Audition Tape
    • COMMENTS: Very strong, good verbal skills, comfortable in front of the camera, at the desk and in the field, confident. Looks like she did her homework and was prepared.
  • Taylor Langston – 1st, Sports Feature Story, “Rex Fleming
    • COMMENTS: This was an intense category with so many good pieces to evaluate. It was literally impossible for us to name just one winner when there were so many very strong entries. Outstanding work and excellent presentations. Excellent story selections and plenty of human interest to grab the emotions. Great job to all.
  • Farron Salley – 2nd, Best Newscast, JMC Network News
  • Caitlin Bradford – 3rd, News Feature Story, “FilmFest
  • Marcus Bowen, Catrina Bailey, Matt Sewell – 3rd, Public Affairs Program, Abilene City Magazine
  • Taylor Langston, Brance Armstrong, Will Rogers – Honorable Mention, News Non-Feature Story, “Southland Move
  • Farron Salley, Marcus Bowen, Blane Singletary, Jacob Kitts, Caitlin Bradford, Christina Burch, Meagan Freeman, Morgan Johnson, Grant Stephens – Honorable Mention, Production, “99 West

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