TIPA 2014

Front: Kirsten Holman, Marissa Jones and Gabi Powell. Middle: Austin Kilcullen, Brittany Jackson, Madeline Orr, Deanna Romero, Linsey Thut and Melany Cox. Top: Shera Niemirowski, Brittney Johnson, Matt Sloan, Daniel Zepeda and J.P. Festa.

Annual Convention of the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association

April 10-12, 2014 – San Antonio, Texas

Live On-Site Contests

  • Gabi Powell – 3rd, Feature Writing
  • Brittany Jackson – 3rd, Spanish News Writing
  • Matt Sloan – 3rd, Print Advertising
  • Austin Kilcullen – Honorable Mention, News Photo
  • Shera Niemirowski – Honorable Mention, TV Announcing
  • Shera Niemirowski – Honorable Mention, TV Advertising

Madeline Orr was elected parliamentarian of the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association.

Pre-Submitted Contests (2013 content)

Newspaper Categories

  • Gabi Powell – 1st, Feature Story, “Second Chance Student”
    • Comments: This was a very impressive collection of feature stories and profiles. In judging this contest, the best were nearly indistinguishable in writing ability, feature presentation, strong narrative voice and clarity. Picking first place, though, was a pleasure. The winning story portrayed all of those qualities. But more than the others its writer effortlessly told the most human of stories – loss, redemption and an enduring love through it all. It’s rare to come across a story with all of these elements. Great job getting it right.
  • Gabi Powell and Mandy Lambright – 1st, Picture Story, “Pledge”
  • Gabi Powell – 1st, Feature Page Design, “What’s in a name?”
  • Gabi Powell – 2nd, Single Subject Presentation Design, “Les Miserables”
  • Mark Smith – 2nd, News Feature Story, “Fatal accidents”
    • Comments: A well researched and thoroughly reported account of a tragic accident.
  • Mandy Lambright – 3rd, News Photo, “Wreck 2″
    • Comments: This was a technically and emotionally difficult situation to shoot. Good spot news.
  • Paige Otway – 3rd, Feature Photo, “Pool”
    • Comments: Third place has a nice angle and nice composition and framing.
  • Mandy Lambright – 3rd, Sports Feature Photo, “Volleyball”
    • Comments: Third place again is nice celebration that tells the story. Good category overall.
  • Melany Cox – 3rd, Opinion/Editorial Page Design, “Pledging activities”
  • Mark Smith – Honorable Mention, News Feature Story , “Out of the Box”
    • Comments: Although it’s descriptive, the narrative feels a bit glossed over. The story leaves me wishing I had a clearer picture as to why this middle-aged professor couple was reliving the convenience of their Oxford dorm days.
  • Gabi Powell – Honorable Mention, Headline, “Kiss or Diss”
  • Marissa Jones – Honorable Mention, Headline, “Something phishy”
  • Marissa Jones – Honorable Mention, Page One Design “Those who served”
  • Mandy Lambright – Honorable Mention, Sports Action Photo, “Basketball”
  • Mandy Lambright – Honorable Mention, Sports Action Photo, “Football”
  • Ben Todd– Honorable Mention, Illustration, “To Hire?”
  • Mandy Lambright – Honorable Mention, Photo Illustration, “Blessed”
  • The Optimist – Honorable Mention, Overall Excellence

Radio Categories

  • KACU – 1st, Sweepstakes
  • Lydia Miranda, Brady Cox and Caleb Robinson – 1st, Overall Excellence, “News at Noon”
  • Kaitlin Sacco – 1st, Spot News, “Suicide”
  • Daniel Zepeda – 1st, Sportscast, “Chargers”
  • Breylin Becton – 1st, Single Public Affairs Program, “Animal Abuse”
  • Breylin Becton – 1st, Feature Story, “Martin Tribute”
    • Comments: Nice job, good human interest, inclusions of his music to help the listeners get to know Michael Henry Martin.
  • Breylin Becton – 2nd, Feature Story, “Dream Center”
  • Lydia Miranda – 2nd, Spot Commercial, Public Service Announcement, “Abilene Public Radio”
  • Breylin Becton – 3rd, Single Public Affairs Program, “Veteran’s docket

Online Categories

  • JMC Network staff – 1st, Best Web Site Navigation, ACU Optimist Online
  • Mark Smith, Mandy Lambright, Taylor Langston, David Singer, Madeline Orr – 1st (tie), Best Breaking News Package, “Car crash”
    • Comments: Great job, on-the-scene coverage, the accompanying graphic, all top notch work. Excellent.
    • (Note: Several other students, most of the staff, in fact, contributed to this coverage, as well.)
  • JP Festa – 1st, Best Video Package, “Freshmen”
  • Taylor Langston – 2nd, Best Breaking News Video, “Car crash”
  • JMC Network staff – 2nd, Best Blog, “Panoramics”

Television Categories

  • Taylor Langston – 1st (tie with TCU), News Non-Feature Story, “Student killed”
    • Comments: On-the-scene visuals from the Abilene Christian piece were excellent. The reporters overall did a very sound job. Our staff could not decide on clear winners, but agreed, there were several entries that stood out from the rest.
  • Will Rogers III – 1st (Tie with UNT), Commercial, Public Service Announcement, “Game Day”
    • Comments: Some very creative ideas. The … Game Day PSA was creative, the actor sold the piece.
  • ACU-TV – Honorable Mention, Public Affairs Reporting, “McCaleb & Co. (June)
  • Matt Sloan, Kara Stutesman, Rachel Smith, Kyle Knapp – Honorable Mention, Production, “The Ken Collums Show”
  • Lucius Paltnaude – Honorable Mention, Commercial, Public Service Announcement, “Frontier Texas”
  • Matt Sloan, Shera Niemiroski, JP Festa – Honorable Mention, Sportscast, “JMC Network Sportscast 11-22”
    • Comments: Short features with campus athletes; well edited; just encourage the anchors to warm up their delivery a bit, and smile more.
  • Elizabeth Weiss, Kara Stutesman, JP Festa – Honorable Mention, Best Overall Newscast, (JMC Network Newscast, Feb. 1, 2013”
    • Comments: The story package about the tragic car accident was very well edited and high quality. The tribute to Lindsey Smith that followed after the story was also very well done and emotional.


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