Optimist Web History

1997 Site development information goes here. optimistonline-1997-2
2000 The Optimist Online had been dormant for two years when editor Jessica Smith redesigned and relaunched the site. optimistonline-2000-2
2002 Began relationship with Digital Partners. optimistonline-2002-2
2005 News videos added to the Optimist Online and served through a custom website built by Jamin Blount. optimistonline-2005-2
2006 Digital Partners becomes College Publisher when purchased by media giant Viacom. optimistonline-2006-2
2007 Prototype interfaces for iPhone and other mobile devices developed by Cade White and Kenneth Pybus. 2007-mobile-2
 2008 Apple releases the iPhone SDK and final iPhone web app developed by Darby Hewitt. IMAGE
 2009 CP’s limited interface options prompted a move to development of a custom site built on the WordPress content management system.  optimistonline-2009-3
2015 Site development information goes here.